Mobile App Design
 - First phase consisted of 2 rounds of class design studio sketches. It was backed up by guerilla testing we individually handled out on the street.  - Second step was the lo-fi phase. It was mainly centered upon the initial hand drawn sketches. This is where we started to fuse our ideas as a team. Competitive analysis and usability testing were part of this phase.  - The first task scenarios were created. Each member conducted tests using POP app. The findings were analyzed.  - Third phase consisted of medium fidelity wireframes. Over the course of this iterative phase, a total of three major versions were created.   -   Sketch prototype (Iteration 1)    -   Tested prototype (Iteration 2)    -   Post-test revision prototype (Final prototype)    - A final report that includes all the phases, findings and recommendations was prepared.  You may   click here   to download the final report. 
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